About Us


Karma Italiana is an importing company, operating from more than 35 years in Italy and abroad. Our structure includes technical offices for products’ choice, an import branch, commercial offices and a salesmen network everywhere in Italy. Our typical customers are radio/tv and musical shops, as well as fitters. A technologically advanced logistic and a graphic office complete the company’s organization. Karma Italiana is also a great community of fans and professional people who shares, express and inform themselves through the most popular social networks, like facebook, youtube and twetter.

The products

The products families have partly changed through the years: some of them have disappeared, some others have been added. Some items have remained a symbol ok Karma’s brand, thanks to the thousands of pieces sold and as many satisfied and faithful customer. Just think to the memorable audio mixers which have become a point of reference for Deejays and people fond of music during the 80. Other families such as professional light equipments for the entertainment world, P.A. System and cable have got wider becoming leading products in audio and lighting branch..

Other products:

. Headphones and earphones . Microphones and wireless microphones . Adapters/ accessories . TV stands . Stereo amplification . Passive / amplified . Security

The company’s history

Karma Italiana was starti in 1984, thanks to the passion and the innovation spirit of the actual President Mr. Enrico Borri. In few years the brand Karma was spread over 5 countries in Europe and developed a products’ range, which increased from some dozens to thousands of items within more than 25 years The staff, the logistic spaces and our targets has grown as well and from 2008 the distribution network was split in two in order to follow intruments stores and installers in better way. In 2010 Karma is still expanding in virtual way using principal social networks and catching enquiries from final user and found of our sector. A new way to interact with our company.