power amplifiers

AMP 1200

2 x 1200W stereo amplifier

Powerful and reliable, it can be installed in a standard 19 "rack. The rear panel shows the input and output connectors as well as the limiter, ground and mode selectors to be set during...


AMP 200

2 x 200W stereo amplifier

Stereo professional amplifier with both balanced and unbalanced inputs. It includes Speakon outputs for quick and safe connections of passive speakers at 4/8 Ohms. It can also operate in bridge...


AMP 400

2 x 400W stereo amplifier

The intermediate level model of AMP series. It can produce up to 400W per channel. On the front panel, besides the volume controls, you can find some leds indicating correct operation or overload...


AMP 600

2 x 600W stereo amplifier

Powerful and reliable, it can be mounted in a standard 19" rack. The back panel comes with input and output connectors, but also limiter, ground and mode selectors, which are to be set during...



Amplificatore 2 x 500W




Amplificatore 2 x 1000W




Amplificatore 2 x 1500W



EA 2100BT

2x50W stereo amplifier

Stereo amplifier with wide display showing main information on the current track. It comes with 2 microphone inputs and it offers the possibility to play USB/SD or bluetooth audio. It also...



2x50W tube amplifier

Class AB stereo tube amplifier 2x25W RMS. In addition to its VINTAGE design from the 60s, this amplifier features the use of valves that give a more enveloping, purer and warmer sound than modern...


EA 5160BT

5.1 hi-fi amplifier

Stereo amplifier capable of amplifying 2 front speakers, 2 rear speakers and a center speaker. It has dual RCA outputs for subwoofers and dual 6.3mm inputs for as many optional microphones. RCA...


EA 7360BT

5.2 hi-fi amplifier

Multi-purpose amplifier with USB/SD reader for playing MP3 songs, FM radio, Bluetooth receiver and double microphone input for making fun family karaoke. The remote control allows remote control of...


KIT 2380BT

Kit amplificatore + box +...


Not Available

PA 2362BT

2 x 30W stereo amplifier

This compact stereo amplifier is ideal for use in shops, receptions or homes. Thanks to the back sockets it is possible to connect 2 x 30W speakers . The input signals can be mixed by means of the...


PA 2380BT

2 x 50W stereo amplifier...

Compact stereo amplifier with display. Conceived to be used in shops, receptions or for household use. It is endowed with 4 inputs : 2 for the connection of 2 microphones (through its front...


PA 431

4 x 30W bluetooth stereo...

Amplifier designed for installation in false ceilings. It can support up to 4 speakers operating at 8 Ohms with a power of 4x30W. It can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet with a simple...