SC 35A

35W aluminium horn speaker

Square shaped, it comes with a unit able to supply a power of 35W. Endowed with mount bracket and a protection rubber edge. Suitable to be used both indoor and outdoor thanks to its IP55 standard.


TC 100P

100W horn speaker

Solid and particularly powerful it is usally emplyed in schools, parkings and airports. It can operate both at low impedance and constant voltage and it can be set on 7,9,18,25,50 or 100W. It is...


TC 1240


Aluminium horn speaker, with 31,5 cm diameter and 40W power. Ideal for any kind of use, it works at 8 Ohm. Power: 40W Impedance: 8 Ohm Frequency response: 250-6000Hz Structure: aluminium



15W waterproof horn speaker

Waterproof speaker, ideal for outdoor use. he horn is in aluminium, while the back cover and other components are in ABS. It can be mounted in any public or private place. It includes a line...


TC 15P

15W horn speaker

Aluminium horn speaker, with 21 cm diameter and 15W power. Ideal for any kind of use, it operates at 8 Ohms.                                                                                                                                                                                                         


TC 1630

Tromba 30W - 100V



TC 1640

40W aluminium horn speaker

Aluminium horn speaker, with 39 cm diameter and 40W power. Ideal for any kind of use, it works at 8 Ohm.                                                                                                                                                                                                         


TC 1660

60W - 100V horn speaker

Exponential horn speaker realized in white painted aluminium. Tha maximum power is 60W and thanks to the internal transformer it can be connected to 100V constant voltage installations. Equipped...


TC 1680

80W waterproof horn speaker...

Aluminium horn speaker with 70/100V transformer. Very powerful, it is able to offer a long distance sound diffusion. It also operates with a nominal impedance of 16 Ohms. Equipped with adjustable...


TC 25P

25W aluminium horn speaker

Aluminium horn speaker with 25 cm diameter and 25W power. Ideal for any kind of use, it operates at 8 Ohms.                                                                                                                                                                                                         



Multi impedance 30W...

Waterproof hornspeaker for outdoor use. The grey color horn is made in aluminium with back cover and other parts in ABS. It is suitable for use in public and private places. The back side includes...


TC 30P

8 Ohm - 30W horn speaker

30W horn speaker. Thanks to its oval shape it is possible to obtain high performance in a small space. It is made of solid ivory colored plastic material. The included bracket allows to adjust...


TC 60P

60W horn speaker

Waterproof horn speaker suitable for diffusion also outdoor, of music and voice. It operates at constant voltage and is realized in ABS with anti-UV treatment and front metal grid. The maximum...


TH 16


With a diameter of almost 41cm, it is ideal for spreading sounds and music over long distances. The structure is entirely made of aluminum and has adjustable bracket. It needs, in order to work, a...