HP 1091CI

Stereo headset

Stereo headset with 2.5mt cable and 3.5mm jack plug. Ideal for listening to TV. A volume control allows you to adjust it directly from the cable. The loudspeaker used is 27mm Packed in bag with...


HP 1096TV

TV stereo headphone with 5m...

Light and handy headphone with telescopic adjustable headband. Thanks to the long cable it is possible to watch TV programs in complete relax even from a distance of some meters. Control for...


HP 1097TV

TV stereo headphone

Very practical to use thanks to its single cable, it is provided with adjustable headband and medium-sized earpads, making it performing and comfortable to wear at the same time. Its 30mm...


HP 1146

Neckband headphone

In the package there are: a headset designed for sport use and a pair of stereo earphones in a comfortable pocket winder.

Not Available