Items for cooking

BL 203

Frullatore in vetro



BLP 150

Robot da cucina

The perfect companion accessory for your kitchen: a single appliance that can replace your appliances. In fact, it includes a container that can both blend and cook food. A particular dish allows...


CJ 192


Able to squeeze any type of citrus, from cedar to grapefruit thanks to the shape in 2 sizes and the 40W engine. Completely removable for quick cleaning, it can safely contain 1 liter of juice. A...


CJ 193


Developed vertically and with an original design, it is designed for the pressing of citrus fruits of all kinds. Perfect for every breakfast is completely removable for quick cleaning.


CM 171

American Coffee

American coffee machine can carafe 1.2lt glass for 10-12 cups of good coffee. With a power of 900W, it has a reusable filter and matt finish to adapt to any environment: from the study to the kitchen.


CMG 600

American coffee machine

This American coffee machine incorporates an automated system that according to the pressed button (2-3 cups or 5-6 cups), grinds at the moment the beans for a coffee always with the best taste....



CR 300

Macchina per Crepe



DF 131


Semi-professional, it is quick to use and clean. It is able to contain up to 3 liters of oil for frying up to 1.2 kg of food. The temperature is adjustable from 120 to 190... and the basket is...


FC 200

Macchina per Fondue di...

Perfect for enjoying a delicious dessert alone or in company. Itís a kind of heated container that can melt chocolate and then immerse various types of fruit. 2 selectable temperatures and a...


FS 212

Steam Machine

Cooking machine with aluminum finish steam dishes healthy and light. Thanks to the triple modular container it is possible to cook 3 different foods at the same time. The internal tank is 6lt...


FS 350

Vaporiera 3 livelli

Steam cooking machine healthy and light dishes. Thanks to the triple modular container, 3 different foods can be cooked at the same time. The internal tank is 3.5lt. It is removable and easily...


HB 201

Frullino elettrico

Practical and light, it has a double set of whips for every type of use. It is adjustable on 7 different speeds and quick release button of the whips. The power is 120W.


HP 211

Piastra di cottura elettrica



HP 212

Doppia piastra di cottura...



KT 161

Electric kettle

Electric kettle designed for the preparation of tea or herbal teas. Thanks to the heating base of well 1500W is able to bring water to temperature quickly. It has a capacity of 1.8lt with min/max...


KT 162

Elettric Kettle

Electric kettle designed for the preparation of tea or herbal teas. Thanks to the heating base of well 2000W is able to bring water to temperature quickly. It has a capacity of 1.7lt with min/max...


MC 201


Compact and suitable for any home is able to slice with thickness from 0 to 13mm. Totally metal with suction cups on the base. The blade diameter is 19 cm, it is easily washable and has on/off...

Not Available

MP 200

Macchina per la pasta



PA 800


Machine to cook raclette. It is composed of a non-stick heating plate on which to cook the food and 8 trays to be inserted in the lower part of the machine to melt the cheese. On the side there is...


PG 020

Sandwich maker

Nice appliance able to create stuffed sandwiches in triangular shape. A valid and tasty alternative to the classic toast. Made of non-stick material, it heats up and prepares the sandwiches in a...


PG 047

Heating plancha

It connects to the electric current and can be placed directly at the table. Thanks to its 2000W of power it quickly cooks meat, fish, vegetables etc. The plate is non-stick and at the bottom there...


PM 201

Pop-corn Machine

Designed for the enjoyment of adults and children. In a few seconds you will get a cascade of popcorn without the use of oil and various fats. Thanks to the measure you will insert the right amount...


RF 100

Cheese grate

Practical accessory able to quickly grate large quantities of cheese. Useful in your kitchen, it can applied to any table in a few seconds and is immediately ready to use. It is made entirely of...


SC 380

Tagliere in bamboo con...



SP 200

Set sale e pepe elettrici

It is a nice kit that includes 2 salt and pepper mills to put on the table and use with 1 finger thanks to the internal engine that will grind directly on the dish. A LED illuminates the dishes...


TS 020


The toaster in the classic vertical version with 2 slots with lateral load lever, thermostat in 5 positions and stop button to stop cooking at any time. After use the cable can be rolled at the...


TS 122

Toster long size

Unique in its kind, it allows you to toast in addition to traditional slices of bread also baguette or slices of bread long twice as long as traditional. The power is well 1000W and has stop button...


WO 100

Cavatappi elettrico

Electric corkscrew operating on batteries (4xaa not included) able to extract a cork in a few moments in a practical way through the simple press of a button. During the extraction a led will...