Alarm clock with wireless charger

Available Barcode : 8015439987985
Product By: Brand
Alarm clock with large display showing date, time and temperature. It is possible to adjust the brightness of the display on several levels and set 2 different alarms. You can place your smartphone on the front surface to recharge it wirelessly with a power of 15W. On one side it features a USB socket useful for charging smartphones or other devices by means of a cable. A backup battery keeps the settings memory in case of power failure.
Ideal for use on desks or bedside tables, at home, in the office.. anywhere!
Charging distance 3 mm
Efficiency 88%
Input Usb type C
Output USB
Recharge standard Qi
Kind of use For desk
Color black
Weight 0,168
Product dimensions 140 x 70 x 120mm
Power supply USB-C port
Manual Download