GT 1230

25W rechargable megaphone with mp3 player

Available Barcode : 8015439112318
Product By: Brand
The ideal megaphone for advertising purposes or for all those situations where you want to amplify the voice.
Equipped with siren to call attention or for use in emergency or danger situations.
A strap allows you to wear it even with a shoulder strap using the microphone with a spiral cord.
Of great power 25W, it is audible up to a distance of about 1000 meters (in optimal conditions)
It has an MP3 player via USB port. Equipped with rechargeable lithium battery including 10-hour autonomy but can be used alternatively, 8 "D" type batteries (not included)
Max power 25W
Siren & Whistle Yes
Autonomy 5h
RMS power 15W
Operating range 300 mt
Color White / Blu
Weight 1,65
Product dimensions 230 x 230 x 350 mm
Power supply 12V or batteries
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