Smoke machines


DJ 1202

1200W smoke machine

Professional smoke machine. Its power makes it suitable for use in theaters, schools and shows in general. Thanks to the smoke generated, the rays of the lights will become visible and the scenic...

Incoming   23/07/2020  


DJ 1502DMX

1500W DMX smoke machine

Smoke machine with DMX interface for connection to professional systems. It is provided with a small receiver to activate the machine from a distance, free from connection cables, through a small...


DJ 701L

700W fog machine with leds

Despite the small dimensions it can produce a smoke volume of 55cm/min. When smoke is emitted some leds light up and make it colourful to create an extraordinary effect. The bracket allows to...

Not Available

DJ 702L

Smoke machine 700W con led



DJ 902

900W smoke machine

The top selling smoke machine, the best compromise between price and performance. It is capable of generating up to 260 m3 /min of smoke, with a preheating time of about 5 minutes only. The 1 liter...

Incoming   23/07/2020  


Vertical smoke machine with...

This smoke machine can produce, when triggered, a vertical smoke jet enhanced by the light of 3W RGB leds. The smoke column disappears when you release the wireless remote control button. It is...